Jun. 1st, 2013

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Since taking over tag-wrangling of Real News RPF, Pundit RPF, and Pundit RPF (US) about a month ago, I've been speaking to [personal profile] sailorptah, my counterpart on the Fake News side of things, about making a few changes. We think we've worked out the broad outline of what we want to do, but of course we'd also like to seek input from the fandom.

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Hey, all! You still got plenty of time to take the poll, don't worry. I just wanted to address a couple of comments/concerns I've gotten, in case they start some debate. (Note: The survey is completely anonymous. I don't know who left these.)

On question #1: No: Too US-centric, seems unwelcoming to non-USians

I'm not sure what this means, really. I think it's trying to say it seems unwelcoming to non-US fans? In which case, I should point out that the "(US)" refers to where the news agencies are based, not the fans, the same as with any other fandom with a "(US)" disambiguation. Also, the "(US)" was originally added with the thought that it was less US-centric to have it rather than assume people knew, or assume works about news personalities based in other countries would belong to the same fandom.

On question #2: I don't have a specific suggestion, but I think it's important to somehow better include Fake News in the name, otherwise it'll seem like "TV News RPF" (or similar) is only for real news anchors, and "Punditry and TV News RPF" (or similar) extends that to include pundits in the classic sense, but not Fake News. Can't it be something like "TV News (Real & Fake)"?

I do take your point, and ideally, yes, I'd love to call it something like that, but keeping the "Pundit" part of the name is very important, for two reasons:

  • Fandom tradition - "Pundit RPF" is what many people have called the fandom for a long time now, and I don't think it would be fair to change it entirely. Such a change might have been feasible years ago, but not now. We're trying to preserve as much of the tradition as possible while also reflecting how the fandom is growing.
  • Ease of transition - We wanted to keep "Pundit" as the beginning of the fandom name so it would still be where people expect it to be on the main Fandoms pages of the Archive and would still pop up in the autocomplete when tagging things.

I considered "Punditry & TV News (Real & Fake) RPF (US)", but it seemed pretty cumbersome. However, if a majority of people like it, of course we'll go with that. :)

Standard disclaimer: I speak only for myself, not for the Archive or the OTW, and you're welcome to tag your works with anything you like.


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