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Fake News/Punditry Fandom Primer

The new arrival's guide to what this fandom is and where to find it. Suggestions/additions welcome!

The Basics

Fakenews/pundit/politics/comedian/etc fandom is a weird mostly-RPF-based chimera of fannish interests. Here's a loose breakdown of who you'll find and where:

Fake News (RPF) - The real Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and other people who create and act on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Jon/Stephen is the fandom's longest-lasting and most-enduring ship. Correspondents vary in popularity, and favorite pairings shuffle around as new people are added and subtracted. With everyone but Stephen, can be hard to distinguish from...

Fake News (FPF) - The fake "Stephen Colbert", his ensemble of imaginary staffers/enemies/partners in crime/inanimate objects, Daily Show people as they appear on-screen. Even when written in the in-character universe, Jon and the correspondents are generally characterized using a mixture of on-screen events and real-world interviews, but "Stephen" is well-understood as separate (which has led to, among other things, some interesting "Stephen"/real!Stephen fics).

Pundits - Mostly Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, and Anderson Cooper, along with various other personalities from Fox, MSNBC, CNN, and other U.S. news networks. A popular grouping is [friend]ship fics involving Keith, Anderson, real!Jon, real!Stephen, and sometimes Rachel, fannishly referred to as the Pundit Round Table. Folks like Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck are often cast as the go-to villains.

Other people you may see - Politicians (the candidates of whatever election is ongoing in the U.S. are always hot topics, and Rahm Emanuel has a strong fan following); comedians (Conan O'Brien and Jimmy Fallon in particular have made a lot of appearances on TDS and TCR); close friends of any of the major players (notably Paul Dinello and Amy Sedaris, BFFs of and frequent collaborators with real!Stephen); frequent guests on the shows (apologies to Doris Kearns Goodwin).

Related shows/books/movies/etc - Other series starring the hosts and/or correspondents are common crossover fuel, and often have enough interest that standalone fics will have an audience as well. Fannish favorites are Strangers With Candy (a comedy TV series starring real!Stephen and friends), Wigfield (a book featuring a photo of real!Stephen done up very convincingly as a female stripper), Death To Smoochy and The Faculty (famously terrible movies starring Jon), and Tek Jansen (animated shorts plus a comic book, supposedly written by "Stephen").

All of the above are acceptable subjects for fanworks posted in [ profile] fakenews_fanfic and [community profile] punditfic. Other comms are generally limited to some logical subset. (It's possible, I swear!)

LJ/DW Communities

[ profile] fakenews_fanfic - Main fandom comm: fanworks of all kinds for all related series, daily Open Threads, annual Secret Santa fanwork exchange.
[community profile] punditfic - RPF-based fanworks, weekly prompt memes.
[community profile] andthatstheword - Character-based TCR/TDS fanworks.
[community profile] thosestoriesplus - Real news RPF fanworks.
[community profile] thirdmonday - Annual Presidents' Day fakenews/punditry/politics fic exchange.
[ profile] rahmbamarama - US politician RPF fanworks.
[community profile] fakenews_srsbsns - General fandom discussion/meta (dormant).
[ profile] fknwsgenderswap - Genderplay fanworks (dormant).
[ profile] newskink_meme - Current active kink meme #1.
[community profile] punditkink - Current active kink meme #2.


Newskink (Delicious) - Combined index of fills for all kink memes.
Fakenews_Fanfic (Delicious) - Index of Open Thread fills.
Moments-Of-Zen (DeviantART) - Main fandom DA group, irregular contests.
Fake News Rumble - Epic crossover fancomic.
The Zen and the Damaged - Article collection, character information, image gallery, some fanworks. - Large and well-curated Colbert image gallery.
Pundit RPF on Fanlore - Punditry-centric wiki entry.
Texts From the Anchor Desk and Daily/Reports From Last Night - TFLN Tumblr blogs.

Official Websites - Daily news, information, and video gallery. - Report news, information, and video gallery.
StephenAtHome (Twitter) - in-character tweets, as produced by TCR's writers (including, but not limited to, real!Stephen).

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