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Promotion: Fake News Kink on AO3

For a while I've been wanting to crosspost kink meme fills to the AO3, if only there were a way to hang on to the ability to edit them while having them show up as anonymous. There's still no way to do this on individual accounts, but it turns out there is a solution: make a collection, a la Yuletide or Kaleidoscope, and then keep the creators anonymous forever.

And so, Fake News Kink @ AO3 was born!

If you add a fic to the collection, directly or after-the-fact, it will show up as written by Anonymous. Even the moderator can't see who's written what.

There's also Fake News Prompts, a non-anonymous subcollection. Fics submitted here will also show up in the Fake News Kink parent list, but with usernames attached. Anyone who's already uploaded some of their kink meme fills and wants to hang on to the credit, please, jump in here!

This isn't a perfect solution -- your profile will still show that you've posted whatever number of Mystery Works to the collection. But there's no way to connect a specific fic to any given author except guesswork, and that will get harder as more people participate.

All TDS/TCR-related content is welcome in both collections: crossposting an old kink meme fill or writing something new, outright sexy kink or just plain fluff. Whether you want to post things anon or just want to participate, come join us!

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