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not a psychopath just a high-functioning sociopath ([personal profile] unquietspirit) wrote in [community profile] punditfic2013-06-16 07:24 pm

AO3 Changes Poll: Results!

The results are in! And with a majority of the vote, "Pundit RPF" and "Pundit RPF (US)" have been combined under the new name "Pundit & Broadcast Journalist RPF (US)" until non-US works are posted. "Real News RPF" is keeping its name.

I've already made the appropriate changes on the Archive, and it looks like everything went smoothly from my end, but if you notice anything wonky with your tags or the way your works are sorting, please let me know or submit a Support ticket.

As always with stuff we wranglers do, this doesn't change the tags on your works, only the way those tags are organized. You can continue tagging  however you'd like.








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