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A list of recommendations for women who could have taken over TDS in Jon's absence. Discuss!

Personally, to start with the obvious: I would be all over a Tina Fey guest hosting. She has political and social satire cred up to her ears, even previous fake-news-anchoring experience. (To say nothing of how she's brilliant and funny and perfect.)

Sam was an obvious choice for her seniority, and I sort of wonder if she was offered the spot but turned it down to focus on other things this summer. (Jason I know for sure is trying to get an original comedy series off the ground.)

Sarah Haskins is someone I've dreamed about them pulling in as a correspondent. Her "Target: Women" series is basically a recurring TDS bit without the rest of TDS around it.

While Kristen is wonderful in her own bits, I feel like she's too much of a quirky character to really step into Jon's everyman role. On the other hand, maybe that would make it more interesting -- it's a temporary switch anyway, so they might as well experiment with it.

Lizz Winnstead wouldn't be much of a departure from the norm at all. You listen to her standup and you can hear the DNA of TDS in it. Not just the same topics, but the same attitudes toward them, even the same beats with the jokes.

Olivia isn't on the list, but honestly, of all the female correspondents, I feel like she'd be most able to pull off a Jon behind the desk. She can be serious in a way that doesn't feel character-y, has the right kind of snark, and could hit similar notes when called for in terms of being geeky, excited, deadpan ("um, yeah, I'm pretty sure that doesn't mean what you think it means"), and Overcome With Emotion. Plus she has the best Not Impressed faces.

...Am I the only person around who doesn't think Sarah Silverman is funny? I remember when she first started hitting it big there were articles along the lines of "wow, she's willing to do just as much grossout-factor-based humor as male comics!" But I don't think that stuff is funny even when the guys do it :/ The shock factor of casually bringing up bodily fluids is no substitute for actually being witty or original.
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Jon with a blackboard

It's [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw time again! Which means it's prompt fest season on Dreamwidth. Here are some fakenews/pundit-friendly fests currently running:

+ Transfic Mini Fest #3
+ Female Character Trope Fest #2

Go; prompt; write! And if you have links to more such events, please share =)
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Looks like Fake News Junkies is aiming to fill the void left in all our fannish hearts by NoFactZone's departure. Layout's kind of cluttered, but I like their moxie. If they can just start doing regular episode guides a la NFZ, my life will be complete again.

Set up a feed to track it at [syndicated profile] fakenewsjunkies_feed, only to find the output messed up. I gave DW a couple of new feeds earlier in the day and they came through fine, but another one I did five minutes ago is also screwed-up, so I'm not sure if the problem is with FNJ or a temporary DW glitch. At least you can see when new things are posted. Yay?
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Jon and The Daily Show are getting some much-deserved credit for the resurrection of the Zadroga bill. (The NY Times report may not mention him directly, but the comments sure do.)

Indecision Forever has a roundup, with a comment that I want to pull out and spotlight:
Most people don't know this, but in the months immediately following 9/11, Jon Stewart and his tickets dept. donated tickets for several of his shows to a Ground Zero relief task force that was bringing GZ firefighters to his show, as a way to get them off the pile, and maybe to just sit and laugh for an hour. I worked for that task force. Every time we brought in a new group of firefighters, Jon would greet them, talk to them and thank them personally. That's the kind of person he has always been. As someone who worked inside GZ, I find it so disappointing that politicians can use 9/11 to justify a war or demonize a religion, but somehow they cannot use it to help the people who were actually PART of 9/11. Jon Stewart is a hero's hero, and the best part, the part that makes it count, is that he did it simply because it was the right thing to do. ~HM

Meanwhile, on the Report side of things, Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter accuse liberals and Colbert fans of not being charitable. NoFactZone promptly crunches some numbers and comes up with the following:
* DonorsChoose – $589,792
* Yellow Ribbon Fund – $319,000 (PDF link)
* Americone Dream Fund (donated proceeds from Ben & Jerry’s Americone Dream) – $440,357 (2007-2009)
* US Olympic Speedskating Team – $300,000 (2010)
* Gulf of America Fund – $100,000 (Bing), $44,187 (retweeting challenge)

The total for these five charities alone is $1,493,336, and this is nowhere near a complete list of the charity work that Stephen Colbert personally supports, and encourages the Colbert Nation to support.

You know, I would probably be in this fandom no matter what. It's funny, it's clever, it's far-reaching; it includes all kinds of topics that hit straight in the middle of my personal flail zone, from the serious (in-depth analysis of religion!) to the silly (gratuitous drag!). The surfaces of the shows stand on their own, even if you don't bother learning about the creators behind them.

So it's not often that I step back and really appreciate how these folks don't just make good TV. They are, unassumingly but actively, Good People. And they bring out the goodness of others in their wake.

Joy to the world.
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There's a new website dedicated entirely to predictions on what Jon's Very Important Announcement will be.

Suggestions already include "he and Stephen are getting married", "he and Stephen are going to elope", and "he's having a baby". I can honestly say I will not be disappointed if the actual announcement is half as awesome as any of these.
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So, ah...last week was an amazing time to be in this fandom, y/y?

Videos, links, and quotations under the cut - just in case anyone (a) hasn't seen this yet and (b) has managed to go unspoiled so far.

(They love us! They really love us!)

'His eyes were like two dead birds!' )
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Girl Raised From Birth By Wolf Blitzer Taken Into Protective Custody

Via the Onion News Network.

This child, you guys. This child is so adorable. (When afraid, she talks to her imaginary friend Christiane-Amanpour-via-satellite!)

Anybody want to write Molly fic? Because I would be all over that.
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...okay, technically it's still Friday morning, but I will be busy with Capitalism tonight, and besides, this bit of flail is already long overdue.

A bunch of videos under the cut )

There's one recap of the whole event up on NFZ, as well as a roundup of official newsy reviews and/or Twitterers.

Feel free to post more links, favorite caps, or just some of that excess jaw-dropping flail :D
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I love the news meta in this strip. So much.

(Anybody want to write the inevitable crossover...?)


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