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Wax Stephen Colbert?

I'm sure everyone's seen this by now, since it happened yesterday, but I read about the unveiling of Wax Stephen Colbert, and now I'm desperate for fandom to go all Rule 34. Does anyone have any recs? Anyone willing to brainstorm ideas? I think "Stephen Colbert"/Wax Stephen Colbert is kind of obvious, but surely there are more possibilities? Madame Tussauds carries so many figures....
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My brain obviously went to a Stephen/Stephen place, so if you want more of that, here's a place to get started...(List covers everything I could find on the newskink delicious and in my bookmarks, plus the few things I've written.)

Selfcest, oh yeah

"Stephen"/Chuck Noblet
Five Times Chuck And Stephen Had Sex (Mostly With Each Other)
The Pundit And The Pauper

"Stephen"/AU versions of "Stephen"
Screwing Yourself (with Stephanos, from Fake News Rumble)
Too Far (with the Formidable Opponent)
Mirror, Mirror (with liberal!Stephen)
Several things in the comics section here (with liberal!Stephen)

I've also done some art that fits the bill, although it's all pretty old by this point...I could take prompts?
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Wait, are you imagining Wax Stephen melting bits of itself for the sake of a romantic evening? Because that's an admirably disturbing mental image...

I'm usually up for doing sketches, which are pretty low-pressure for me. Request away!
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Bit belated, but I did a quick comic along this theme =)