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Title: Castles In The Sand (2/10)
Rating: PG-13
Pairings/Characters: Olivia/Kristen, Jon/c!Stephen, Allison Silverman, Tad, P.K. Winsome, Amy, Starbeam and Rainbow
Warnings: Bad puns. (As if "de sea" wasn't bad enough.)
Disclaimer: Characters belong to the Report. Names of real people are used in a fictitious context, and all dialogue, actions, and content are products of the author's imagination only.

I don't think this 'verse has had enough gratuitous unicorns lately. Let's fix that.

Amazing beta job by [personal profile] queenfanfiction. Decorative capitals by Daily Drop Cap. Chapter index: Table of Contents

( Our heroes saddle up the unicorns and head for the port town of En-by-the-Sea, where their first move is to split up. Shenanigans ensue. )
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Title: Five Ways Stephen Reconciled His Faith And His Sexuality
Rating: PG
Characters/pairings: past "Stephen"/Jonathan; a cat named after Ronald Reagan; "Stephen"/Lorraine; OCs; P. K. Winsome; angel!Feist; Jon/"Stephen"
Contents: varying religious views; rapid tense shifts; lots of tears; mystic poetry. Emotional abuse in #2 (of the ex-gay flavor). Self-harm in #3 (of the canon flavor).
Disclaimer: Follow the fake cut.

This follows an unclaimed [ profile] lgbtfest prompt: "2575. RPF - Pundits, "Stephen Colbert"/Jon Stewart - Stephen struggles to reconcile his faith and his sexuality." The operative word here being "struggles."

The poem is translated by Coleman Barks in The Essential Rumi; full text can be found here. Shortly afterwards, Stephen quotes this treatise on sin by Richard Simpson.

Author's own religious views do not actually appear in this fic.

( She's wearing silk, although not enough of it to stop smooth flesh from brushing against his neck, freshly washed and smelling like soap and lavender. Which means that if he values his spot on the mattress, he's going to spend the rest of the evening envisioning Daniel Craig's abs. )
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Medium: Television
Fandom: The Colbert Report
Subject: P. K. Winsome
Title: P. K. Winsome's Finding My Niche: The P. K. Winsome Story

P. K. Winsome is a mystery wrapped in an enigma covered by a broad smile and topped with a 20% Off For Today Only sticker. He brands himself as The Black Republican, but most of his association with other right-wingers involves charging a fee to make them look more diverse. Oh, and he's possibly the only person with his name and face slapped on more cheap trinkets than Stephen's.

Honest conservative, or merely apathetic enough to stand next to them at rallies? Carrying out a deeply subversive Take That to the institutionalized racism in the establishment, or just out to make a quick buck? There are lots of ways to interpret this guy. Here's one.

( And when you're living in America at the end of the millennium, you're what you own )